Virtual Address Frankfurt City Center (Goethestr. 7)

Searching for an exclusive business address within the city center of Frankfurt?

The Goethestraße, Frankfurt’s #1 location for exclusive shopping, lies elegantly in the center of the Main Metropolis between the Opernplatz and the Hauptwache. The street is known for textiles and consumer goods of the highest class. In addition to chic, modern stores, one can find some most enduring and traditional family-owned enterprises. Picture it yourself here!


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We provide:

  • Use of the business address: Goethestr. 7, 60313 Frankfurt am Main
  • Daily reception of letters and parcel post
  • Advertisements filtered out, as per request
  • Local Frankfurt call number for phone and/or fax
  • Labeling of business address as official headquarters possible
  • Meeting and conference rooms available to you at all times